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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: UrbnPop & Custom Creations

Hey everybody!
Got another awesome bunch of etsy shops I'd like to introduce to you today. And this time it's not about stuff I bought for myself! That's right. Today's shout outs are all about lovely gifts I've gotten for my special fella. And boy does he love 'em. ;)

First up is UrbnPop! Marcus and I first came across the fantastic art of Chris Hamer at Dragon Con last summer. And never seeing his work before we naturally both freaked out about it. I swear everything this guy does is amazing! No joke. He is crazy talented. I like everything from his iconic monster friend Byron (the wacky one eyed fella) to his pop culture & comic book themed stuff.

Couldn't pass up this bitchin' Earthworm Jim at the con. He had to be mine! :

Anyways, when he's not on the road he runs a little etsy shop UrbnPop where he sells both original and digital art work. Plus, he's always looking to do custom stuff too! And that's where Marcus comes in. For his birthday this past April I had Chris put together two FANTASTIC prints for him. I've never been disappointed with any of his work so all I did was give him the subject matter and then Chris just ran with it! And holy shit! I was beyond amazed with the final product and so was Marcus. Both prints are hand-drawn and one of a kind. I decided on that option vs. the digital because well I wanted them to be really unique, you know? Plus, I think they look really cool in pen and marker. ;)

Here's a close up picture of the Aqua Bats print I commissioned him to do for Marcus:

Omg isn't this rad??? And the Gambit one he did for Marcus is really bitchin too!
Here's Marcus sexy posing with his new treasures:

I really can't say enough good things about Chris Hamer you guys. And when we met him at Dragon Con he was just this really nice down to earth guy. I seriously hope he reaches crazy levels of fame. He deserves it! And perhaps when I have more accessible cash I can snag a few more things for myself. ;)

In the meantime you should check out this cool video on youtube of him introducing himself:

Next up is a very new etsy shop called Custom Creations. It's just about to celebrate it's first year in business in a couple of days actually! Gregory Beltz is the creator of Custom Creations and draws inspiration from pop culture and horror films. He specializes in unique book ends, but also does custom clothing as well. I'll be honest, I've always thought book ends were kind of silly, but Gregory really makes me want more of them in my life.

So when I came across his shop a few months back I just new I had to snag up these bitchin Rambo bookends for Marcus:

It's funny (and this just goes to show how much of a dork he is..), but when Marcus opened these he had kind of an "odd" look on his face. I asked him why and he was like "I really like these, but it should say Rambo First Blood Part II" and not just "Rambo". It made me laugh so hard!! He still really likes them though. He even reorganized his entire book shelf just to display them. ;)

If you have the chance do yourself a favor and check out this shop. It's a lot of fun. Perhaps you'll come to realize how important book ends can be like I did.

I swear these WILL be mine some day! 

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