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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's talk comics!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but I have been so super sick. It's been NO FUN at all! Especially since I had to work through most of the week too. :(

Anyways, I've finally started to feel a little bit better today and decided to come chat your heads off about one of my favorite past times comic books!

I've been an avid reader throughout my entire life, but it wasn't really until I got older than I became OBSESSED with comic books. Now I say obsessed, because I spend a crazy amount on these things every month, eagerly await new issues and constantly search for more titles to add to my list. Working at a comic book store for almost 8 years didn't help my obsession any either. That really just made it even easier to delve into the world of comics even further. Plus, who doesn't love a good employee discount?

I'm not really sure why I wasn't into comics more as a kid. I suppose it could be because my mom only ever bought me two and they were both pretty lame. I guess as a kid I thought if you've read one comic you've read 'em all. What a laugh! But can you blame me? I mean she did buy me Casper The Friendly Ghost and Pocahontas! Nobody wants to read that trash. Am I right?

I first got into comics around 12 when I was beyond crazy obsessed with Sailor Moon (still am!). Of course that led to manga and all other sorts of things too and by the time middle school was over I was a weekly subscriber. I've read all sorts of things over the years, but I've always enjoyed indie titles the most. I think it's because they have more of a diverse selection and aren't strictly focused on your average super hero adventure. But I enjoy those sometimes too.

So let's talk about a few of my favorite titles right now shall we? Ok. So for the last few months everything going on in the Bat universe has been INTENSE. Seriously, Death in the Family was kind of a let down... but they've been making a HUGE comeback since then. I will say I'm still pretty pissed about Damian Wayne's death... but I keep trying to shrug it off. Because seriously... Lazarus pit anyone?? I'm just counting the days. And seriously that better fucking happen! Or I will really not be a happy camper. But yeah if you haven't been keeping up you need to fucking read this shit. Between Barbara Gordon's emotional breakdown, Damian Wayne's death, and the Mad Hatter's Rampage against Gotham it's been one wild ride after another. Oh and I guess there was that Emperor Penguin shit.. but um it's ok if you missed that one. (haha)

Some other really good titles out right now are the new Tank Girl: Solid State. First off the art is fantastically strange and there's the usual amount of cute girls, guns and gore (who doesn't love that!) but this time there's a new twist. The girls get stuck inside Booga's scrotum? Come on you know you want to read that!

I've also really been enjoying the independent series Nowhere Men. When science fails us and time travel becomes reality who will stop the Nowhere Men? This mind blowing series is filled with really clever writing, awesome art and a wild sci-fi adventure that I'm so eager to read until it's end. Only one more issue! EEK!

 Man, there's really just SO many good titles out right now you guys! I think your best option is to head over to your nearest comic book store and quick. Besides it's new comic book day tomorrow! ;)


  1. You were a wonderful employee for all those years. I am glad I could help with your obsession.Uber has been a good new indie. Indie comics have a bigger market share with me now than they have for years.Miss you.

  2. Aww thanks John! You know I loved working there and if I were still in Auburn that I'd still be there reading comics and jamming to good tunes with ya. ;)

    PS My favorite part was getting everything unpacked & sorted for the week.