Allison Franks (Hobbit.Town Jewelry)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Team events for the win!!

Yay!! The weekend has started off with a bang thanks to the awesome Needful Things Dark Traders Team Event. We're 6 hours in now and so far I've done a few trades with some awesome shops and we've still got two whole more days to go! I love these events. They're just so much fun. Plus, it's a great way to network and get to know your fellow teammates and other etsy shop owners like yourself. Oh and did I mention there was a prize?? Yeah, that's right! Whoever does the most trades during this event will receive a special grab bag of goodies donated by fellow teammates specifically for this event. How cool is that!?

If you'd like to check out our team and get involved we'd love to have you! Please check out the link below for more information on our team and upcoming team events. I promise you'll have a blast! ;)
Needful Things Dark Traders Team

Here's a sneak peak at some of the goodies I've gotten so far. Can't wait to see what else I'll get!

Thanks to Liz of GothDollie I was able to snag this amazing hand-crocheted choker! Isn't it lovely??

 And thanks to Elizabeth of ZombiesGoRAWR I snagged these amazingly adorable zombie cupcake and zombie toast findings! Too cute for words!!

Zombie Toast Ring:

Zombie Cupcake Charms:

And last but not least... my all time favorite!! The lovely Sarah of RetroCutrio gave me these AMAZING Pee Wee Herman dolls!! I can't wait to play with them. Eeek!

 Oh the funs of trading! Can't wait to see what else the weekend brings my way. ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Time Rules

I've had a lot more free time on my hands recently and have finally be able to start on some projects I've been aching to do for like YEARS now. It's been great!! Seriously. My current goal is to complete one large project a week (in addition to my weekly creative jewelry load). This will including sewing projects (such as custom clothing, ornaments, plushies and more!),  jewelry holders and art boxes. And most of it will be for sale in my shop Sinsperations! []

All new and currently NOT FOR SALE items will be posted to my facebook account for your viewing pleasure. And if you see something you like and just gotta have perhaps we can work something out. ;)

Anyways, here's a quick look at some of the things I've been working on...

First up is my all time favorite art box: "Kewpie's Sweets Emporium" By: Allison Franks

Isn't it amazing?? Painting those red and white stripes took forever!! But I think it turned out perfect! Thank you masking tape. ;) Oh and it's hard to tell from the photo but the inside of the box was not only painted pink, but it has a thick coat of glitter on it too so the whole box shimmers in the light. As for the inside of the box, I had fun decorating it like mad! I used both new and vintage items to create this and my favorite piece is the ice cream puzzle in the front! I can't stop playing with it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - NOT FOR SALE

Next up are my super cute Pacman Ornaments! By: Allison Franks

I love these so much I just might have to make myself some! So far I've make Pacman and three of the ghosts: Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Right now I'm selling them individually via Sinsperations, but soon when I finish Ms. Pacman and Blinky I will also be selling all of them together as a set. Each ornament is hand-sewn using high quality felt, stuffing and blue polka dot ribbon. I can also make smaller versions of these to be used as key-chains, brooches and even hair accessories! All you have to do it ask. ;)

Anyways, that's all for now. Keep an eye out for custom jewelry holders! I've already started on two of 'em and I'm also working on this amazing zombie themed art box. More on that later. (heheh)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hey everybody. Love is in the air!! And if you are one to buy into the whole valentine affair then you are probably out having a super lame time with your special someone right now. ;)
However, if you are like me you are still enjoying your day but in a slightly different and unusual way. For instance, I've spent most of my day so far playing Yoshi's Story and making some super cute Street Fighter jewelry that I can't wait to share with you. It's been a blast!
Don't worry though! I'll definitely be getting lame this evening. Going to have a late-night picnic with the fella and then go see the new Die Hard movie! (hehe) In my opinion you can't get more romantic than that!

 Ahhhh love.

P.S. Was anyone else as pleased as I was with the conclusion of Death of the Family inthe recent Batman #17?? I gotta say I was kinda hoping someone would die....but it was a laugh riot all the same!