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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: RepurposefulPUNK & Needle Slave Designs

Let's talk about clothes!! This week I've got two fabulous etsy clothing shops I'd like to share with you. I've purchased custom items from both of these shops and the ladies that run them are super duper sweet! I bet they'd be happy to make you something special too. All you gotta do is ask! ;)

First up is...

RepurposefulPUNK is run by Carmen Blake outside of AZ. She specializes in unique ladies fashion wear including everything from t-shirt dresses to Halloween costumes. And she is Star Wars crazy! Right now she's taking a brief break from etsy, but she plans to return as soon as she gets back on a normal schedule with loads of new items. And while she may not have anything current in her shop right now she's ALWAYS taking custom orders. So take a look at her back catalog sometime. She'd be happy to make you something real pretty.

So far I've only made one purchase from her, but hope to get another dress from her in the future. I originally purchased a brown star wars dress, but when it arrived it was WAY super small compared to what I'd expected and my stupid butt made it impossible to wear. I was so super sad. But Carmen was super sweet about it and let me exchange it for another dress. Since she couldn't make another one like that in my size or alter it to fit me... we worked on a new dress design together and I think it turned out amazingly well!!

The original dress..

My super fantastic custom Star Wars dress!

Isn't it awesome?? I love the black and whites, it's super soft (made from jersey t-shirt material) and very comfortable! Plus, it shapes the body well too. I couldn't be happier really. ;)

Next up is... Needle Slave Designs!

This was one of my more recent purchases and I know you are probably wondering.. what the heck is she doing buying a hoodie in the spring, but I just couldn't help myself!! Seriously, when you see it you'll know why. Anyways, the ultra sweet Nicole of Needle Slave Designs is based out of Missouri and makes horror themed custom clothing & accessories. I'm really in love with this Munster's halter dress she made awhile back..

But as soon as I saw this They Live hoodie I just knew it had to be mine!! Seriously this is the coolest thing ever and I can't wait for it to get cold again so I can wear the shit out of it. Nicole was super sweet to get this custom made just for me in the nick of time before she went on vacation and I was bursting with joy when it arrived! It's very soft, nice and warn, super creepy cute and just amazing! Even my boyfriend wants to wear it! And she made it girly fitting and all... haha! I just might have to get him one too. ;)

Here's me showing off my super rad hoodie in the crazy Texas heat. OI! When is it going to get cold again!

I know you're jealous!!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! Also, LOVE repurposefulPUNK! I'm very flattered to be featured alongside with Carmen.:)

  2. You are most welcome Nicole! So happy to hear that you love it. Yeah repurposefulPUNK is awesome! I'm glad you know her as well. ;)