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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lttle Shop of Horrors Etsy Shop Review

Yahoo!! This week we have another awesome etsy shop review of the lovely Jennifer Vera's shop: Lttle Shop of Horrors. I met Jenn thanks to my two favorite etsy trading teams (Wear if you Dare & Dark Traders). Bet you didn't see that one coming! (haha) But yeah... I really can't praise these two teams enough. I've met so many awesome people thanks to them; many of which I now consider to be good friends. Jenn is a really sweet person and she makes the best custom stuff! Her shop is filled with funky horror themed rockabilly style designs. Her style is simple yet defined and she can use any image you like to create some fantastic bottle cap jewelry and accessories. She has everything from hair flowers to earrings available for a VERY good price and all with her signature style attached. :)

I've had the pleasure of trading with Jenn on several occasions now and every time I've been giddy with satisfaction. Oh and did I mention Jenn is a trading machine?? Seriously, when we do trade events she's always amongst the final contenders! So... considering we both have good taste I know we'll continue to trade our little hearts out. Also, something I will never forget is Jenn was one of the few people that helped donate to my RAW Austin fund which I thought was super duper sweet of her! You rock girl. ;)

Ok... so this is my Lttle Shop of Horrors collection so far. As you can see I got some pretty bitchin' earrings including a custom pair of Gogol Bordello ones!, Pennywise the clown, Tales from the Crypt!, Tough Bitch bull dog earrings and Bride of Frankenstein. I also scored these mystical eyeball hair barrettes the last time we traded. Aren't they gorgeous??

I've also gotten a couple cool bracelets from her too! One features a bunch of modern horror characters and the other features kitschy halloween images! I simply LOVE these. They are so wicked cool!

If you know what's good for you you'll check out this shop! Trust me you won't be disappointed. ;)

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