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Thursday, May 30, 2013

CRUSTPUP DIY Etsy Shop Review

Today I'd like to talk to you about this RAD punk rock shop called CRUSTPUP DIY! I met Aly thanks to the Wear if You Dare Team. Gosh that team rules! Seriously, I've met so many cool peeps since I joined. Anyways, we both signed up for a trade event at the beginning of the year and then decided to trade! I really dig CRUSTPUP DIY. It's filled with cool punk rock inspired stenciled stray paint art. Some of it is band related and some of it is just plain cool!

I scored this rad eyeball monster painting during our trade:

How cool is that?! I was amazed when it arrived too because it was much bigger than expected. I figured from the very low price tag that this would be really tiny. But I love it's massive size! Certainly a bang for your buck! And it looks great in the craft room too. ;)

I talked with Aly for a long time afterwards about pricing and inspiration. Aly expressed to me that she really just wants to share her art with the world. It's not about money or fame for her which I think is very important for an artist. Too many people forget that and turn their shops into money making rip off machines. CRUSTPUP DIY started out at as a strictly street art operation, but Aly recently decide to give etsy a go. I'm so glad she did and really hope her shop gets her lots of attention.

Here's a few other items in her shop right now that have me drooling. :)

Upcycled Crass Converse Shoes:

Jurassic Punk! Painting:

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