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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Double Whammy! Art in the Park & Hawk's Market Day Art Shows in Review

Alright! So I'm sure you've been wondering how the other two art shows I attended last month went.... so let me tell you all about them! ;)

As you know, last month I bit off a little more than I could chew and decided to go crazy pants on everybody and attend 5 art shows! We've already talked about 3 of those... but what happened at the other 2?

After the RAW event on April 18th, I attended a VERY small little art fair just a few days later on April 20th called "Art in the Park". I actually attended this last year (my VERY first show ever!!) and did really well so was hoping for the same luck. Sadly, things didn't turn out that way. This year it was really small. I was one of 5 vendors! I thought last year was small with 10! Guess not. (haha) And what was even worse was that the crowd count was a good 50% less than the previous year. And nobody really seemed interested in shopping either! It was kind of sad. I can't complain too much though. The event was free, nicely shaded, I got FREE food, & still made a few sales. It just wasn't a really profitable event.

I'm glad I got to make this guy super happy with my Mario charm bracelet though! He FREAKED out when he saw it. It was kind of adorable. I love it when guys want my stuff too!

One week later, I attended another small art event called Hawk's Market Day out in Canyon Lake, TX. I was really worried that morning that we would get rained out, but thankfully the clouds cleared up early on and it got nice and sunny. Maybe a little too sunny actually! I got CRAZY burnt! It was not fun! But the show was great. I made lots of sales, met some really nice people and found some really cool stuff for myself for retarded cheap! I'm not kidding either. I got a nice & comfy rolling office chair for $1!! I'm totally addicted to it. And now I don't get as many neck aches while I'm crafting! You really don't want to know what I was sitting in before... ;)

I also scored a crazy amount of dolls & miniature toys to make art with for only $2! And they even let me keep the cute little bags! I was bursting with joy.

A well spent $3:

Overall, the show was a success. Certainly not the best show of the month, but I had a lot of fun. Check out my booth set up! Did I mention that I have TWO tables now?? Heck yeah! I finally was able to afford another one. I think this will help my set up a lot, plus I can display more items! I also enjoy being able to spread out more too. So yay for me!

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