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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #1

Hey everybody! This is the first installment of "Thrifty Thursdays" a new feature idea I came up with today while I was out perusing the town. These posts won't necessarily be a weekly thing because well... I don't always have money to spend! (haha) But also because a successful thifting adventure is really all left up to chance. Today however I got really lucky!! I found all kinds of crazy goodies that I'm very excited to craft/play with. And I even found a few vintage treasures too. And the best part is I only spent $4!

Honestly, with the success I had today I kind of wish I'd gotten an earlier start because then I could have gone to a few more. Who knows what other goodies I could have found! But then again... I really don't need to be spending those duckets right now. ;)

Ok.. so I gotta admit I kind of shrieked a little bit when I found these. I mean unborn fetus babies?!? You don't get much cooler than that. And they have little penis' and oddly placed holes that I assume are butt holes. tee hee!! I have no clue what I'll do with them yet... but whatever it is I'm sure it'll be awesome. They are just SO crazy!

And I know when my friend Vanessa reads this she's going to be super jealous of my new cup! It actually talks too! There's a little button on the handle that makes Cartman say 3 funny phrases. OMG I love it. :)

I also got a whole bunch of random tiny treasures including sleeping babies, cute little wooden figurines and this funky worm keychain!

But the best treasures I found were these! OMG I finally found a pose-able spider!! You have no clue how long I've been searching for one of these. I've had this idea in my brain for YEARS but needed one to complete it. And now I finally can! Excitement! Plus I found these weird monster cookie cutters from the 80s, an old Pochacco carrying case and this really cute red riding hood dolly from the early 70s! She's really cute and in very good shape. Just needs to be cleaned up a little.

The best part about her is that you can open her tummy and read the entire story of Little Red Riding Hood! How neat is that! Now I gotta go look and see how much she is worth. ;)


  1. I remember that cup!
    every time I find it its broken though!
    you lucky thing you!!!

    and those are some strange little babies!

  2. Love those fetuses! That doll is awesome too! Great finds!!1

  3. Thanks girls!! I LOVE the fetuses. It was hilarious at checkout too b/c the whole shop is run by these little old ladies and they gathered around them to gossip. It was cute, strange and awkward. They were all like "look at the little babies!" "is someone expecting?" haha I just stood there in horrified silence...