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Friday, May 3, 2013

System Overload!

Hey you guys!

It's been another busy week of playing catch up. April really knocked my socks off! I can't believe I survived 5 shows. That was nuts, but also a lot of fun. Anyways, today is all about getting you guys up to speed with what I've been doing lately and what I've got in store for you.

First off, the spring cleaning sale is ALMOST over!! Right now you can get 20% off everything in my esty shop until May 5th! Just use the coupon code: SPRING2013.

Secondly, on my facebook page I am currently offering 10% off all NEW items that have yet to find their way into my etsy shop. This will be going on for a limited time only! These items will also be touring with me this month at shows. So if you see something you really want this might be your last chance to get it!

OK... so enough of the sales pitches. Let's have some fun! This week has been full of excitement!

The professional photos from the RAW Artists show I did a few weeks back finally got developed and they turned out great!! I really love them actually. I was bummed that I didn't get any of myself at the show, but now I don't feel so bad.

If you'd like to see them all please check out my facebook page. Here's a few of my favorites though... ;)

Oh and guess what!! I got chosen as shop of the month!! I'm part of this awesome team on etsy called Vintage Toy Addiction. We're a bunch of goofs that still play with toys, collect them and could talk your heads off about them all day. So yeah. I totally fit in! I'm so happy I got chosen as May's shop of the month too. Be sure to check us out. And feel free to sign up! We're always looking for new members :)

Vintage Toy Addiction

And do you know what's even cooler than being chosen as shop of the month?? My good friend Vanessa (who is also the team leader/founder) featured my shop on her blog! How cool is that?? I thought it was very sweet of her. She's the best! Vanessa has actually gotten a few rings from me in the past too. I'm so happy she's been enjoying them. ;)

Check out her blog and read my review here: Vintage Toy Fun Blog

Alright, just one more thing to mention before I head out. Since last month was total jewelry overload I've taken a little time off making new jewelry so I can work on my other shop Sinsperations. So far I've made quite a few Barbie jewelry holders. My favorites are the Spice Girls ones... but they're all a lot of fun honestly.

Ginger Spice Girls Barbie Jewelry Display:

Lolita Baby Doll Barbie Doll Legs Ring Holder/Jewelry Display:

I've also been working on some fun clutch bags, jewelry boxes and art boxes too!! Can't wait to show you. Hope you've all been having a great week as well!

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