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Friday, April 26, 2013

Slink Skull Studios Etsy Shop Review

Today I'd like to talk to you about one of my fabulous etsy teammates: Slink Skull Studios

Long before we met (thanks to the Wear if You Dare & Dark Traders etsy teams) I had been an admirer of Slink's work! Her stuff is just crazy unique and creepy cool. So you can imagine how excited I was to get an opportunity to trade with her recently during out last team event. Seriously you have no idea. :)

Dena of Slink Skull Studios specializes in unique & bizarre clay jewelry, but her shop also features hand crotched scarves & cute resin accessories. I must say though from the very moment I found her shop I almost immediately found this necklace and knew right then that one day it HAD to be mine! Just look at this thing! How could anyone say no to that!

Much to my surprise, we ended up trading for it too! Now, I've done a lot of trades... but I still think this one (above all others) has gotten me the most excited! And honestly the photo doesn't do it justice either. This amazing creeper heart pendant is a bit chunky but the perfect size (a little over 2" in diameter), extremely detailed AND omg the eyes glow in the dark!! I seriously can't give it enouch praise. It's just the coolest thing ever! I've worn it countless times since it arrived. And it just goes splendidly with my favorite Basket Case t-shirt too. See??

Gosh it's just so cool! I desperately want to get some more of her stuff soon too. She's just got so many cool designs. This one is definitely next on my list though..

But I like this eyeball bracelet a lot too...

 You just really need to check out this shop ok?? Because EVERYTHING in there is amazing.

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