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Monday, April 8, 2013

Starving Artist's Art Show in Retrospect

Hey everybody.

This past weekend was my first show of the season and my biggest one to date! The Starving Artist's Art Show took place on April 6th & 7th (10AM-6PM) in downtown San Antonio, TX. I got SUPER lucky with my assigned spot which was not only in a great location on the strip, but also conveniently under a nice big tree. So no sunburns for me this weekend! Yahoo! I was actually quite worried about that...I don't have a canopy so it's just super pale me braving the sun. And this weekend got up to 90 degrees with non-stop sun and no winds! :( But that's Texas for ya. Thankfully, I brought sunscreen and my Sailor Moon umbrella so that helped out significantly.

Overall, the show was a HUGE success. I got lots of compliments on my items, gave away lots of cards, got plenty of people to sign-up for my new giveaway (I'm giving away a FREE $25 goodie bag to one very lucky person!), met some awesome new people/artisans, and most importantly made a lot of sales! I had a blast! It was so much fun. I simply can't wait to participate again next year and every year after that if I'm able. And who knows maybe by then I'll have a canopy! ;)

Here's a few photos of my booth set-up. I really wish I had another table handy so I could spread out some more. That's next on the list of things to buy! Gosh I feel like that's never ending. sigh* Anyways, I didn't have a camera the 1st day.. so all of these are from the 2nd day when I had less items, but you'll still be able to get the gist of things! I really should have taken more though.

I rocked it solo the 1st day but my super awesome fella was able to help me out on the 2nd day! He's so awesome. I could tell he felt a bit awkward trying to sell my frilly little pretties, but I was so happy he came out and helped. Honestly, after the first day I had a serious case of "t-rex arms" from hauling all that stuff out from the car and back so it was nice to have some help for that too. (haha) Maybe all these shows will finally help me get a little buff! I'm seriously lacking in upper body strength.

 My dinosaur jewelry in particular was a HUGE success! Which makes me super happy. I just love dinosaurs and am always happy to find other people who like 'em as much as I do.

Next to me was another newbie named Irma who made some very unique art pieces mostly centered around Frida Kahlo and Mexican culture. I really liked her style though. Very simplistic and not true to form. Plus, there was a LOT of glitter and that is always fun. She was actually one of the very few people at this show who was around my age too. Weird huh? The majority of vendors here were much, much older. Anyways, she was fun to chat with throughout the day. And she bought a pair of stegosaurus earrings from me and wore them throughout the show which I thought was super cool!

I met a lot of really awesome and talented artist's at the show but my favorite was Alison of Deva Designs. We were most definitely kindred spirits. I saw her as the "grandma" version of myself. She was super kooky and made some very unique little hand-sewn creations. She did everything from clothing to jewelry too so there was lots of variety in her booth. My favorites were her little Deva dolls though. They were just so cute! We actually did a trade during the show too which was AWESOME! She just had to have these little rhinestone dinosaurs. Don't they look super cute on her??

Here's a photo of my new Deva Dolls! They are feng shui too. She gave me a little chart and everything. How cool is that? I didn't even know about all that when I picked them out, but apparently I am drawn to "career & fame" because I narrowed it down to 3 and they were all from that category! (haha) I decided on these two little guys and I plan to hang them in my office. So if I'm lucky they'll help keep me on the right track. ;)

Check out her super cute feng shui chart:

I'm super glad that I was able to participate in this event and hope the other one's I have coming up this month are just as fun. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well! ;)


  1. Rawrrr! Congrats on your success! <3

  2. awww thanks Liz!! For being my first BIG show I gotta say it went pretty well. ;)