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Monday, April 15, 2013

CRRC Spring Market Day In Review

As you guys know I've been touring around the central TX area with my jewelry since the beginning of the month. And this weekend I checked out the CRRC Spring Market Day in Canyon Lake, TX. If I had to honestly sum this event up in one word it'd be: AWFUL. I'm not kidding! This was the WORST event I've ever attended and the only show so far that I have not done well at. But I suppose you can't win 'em all...

I actually attended this event last fall and I had mixed feelings then, but after this weekend I officially do not like this venue and will not be returning. They say the 3rd time is the charm, but I honestly don't feel like it's worth my time. Last year, I got kind of a "weird" vibe from the customers overall, but still managed to have fun, meet some really nice people and make a lot of people happy with my jewelry. But this year there were half as many vendors and while this place advertised itself as a "handmade artisan show" I could tell about 90% of it was either mass produced or garage sale type quality. And I don't want to be associated with that!

But I did find this really cool dolly for only $2!! Isn't she pretty??

Looking on the bright side, I was happy to run into a few previous customers. And I also got them and a few other new faces to sign up for my upcoming giveaway (and newsletter!) so that's really awesome. At the very least, I'm happy I could run into them again! They are all very sweet people that really appreciate my work and that I believe will be long time customers which is always heart-warming and rewarding. I've always been more concerned with making customers happy as opposed to bringing in tons of $$$ each month. So I'm glad I could make a few more people smile that day! ;)

Thankfully, with their love and support I managed to break even, but I was astonished by the thrift seeking crowd. There was a little bit of that last year, but this year it was 90% of the attendees. I was very hurt by the astounding number of people that would come by, compliment my work, note that it was handmade and then ask me what they could get for a $1 or less! It was nuts you guys!! But I can't really blame them. With all the other vendors around me selling household junk and commercial goods it's to be expected. It just sends the wrong message you know? But it was still a major disappointment... At least this time I learned my lesson.

I'm looking on the bright side of it though. And as you can tell from the photos I didn't let any of that icky negative energy bring me down!

Plus!! I got to test out my FANTASTIC new pinkie pie bag!! I'm so excited about it!! It's just the right size to carry all my art stuff too. If only they had more I would have totally gotten a Rainbow Dash or Applejack one to carry the rest of my stuff. Then I'd really be traveling in style! Guess I'll just have to rely on those good old reliable paper bags until I can't find another one! :)


  1. Ive never actually set up at booth but Ive been a shopper at lots of craft fairs and there have been several so called craft fairs that I went to where it was just cheap chinese crap and not handmade very disapointing.
    I cant believe how rude people can be asking for discounts ..I get that on etsy all the time people wanting me to ship for free to other countrys or wanting to to take 20.00 off an item and make it 5.00 with free shipping its crazy..

  2. Really?? I can't believe that Vanessa!! That is crazy. I feel like your etsy prices are really affordable too. How rude! I can't believe some people. :(

    Bummer about those shows you attended in the past. That was totally how this one was. Total let down! At least I ran into a few old customers and got them to sign up for my newsletter... but it did hurt my feelings a little when people complimented AND acknowledged that my items were handmade and STILL asked what they could get for $1 or .50 cents. They obviously don't know how much goes into making this stuff! sigh*