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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Dark Beauty Boutique & Haunted Hair Candy

Hey everyone!! I'd like to talk to you all about some more awesome etsy shops today. I actually found out about these two shops thanks to the etsy trade teams Wear if You Dare & Dark Traders. Gosh, I just love those teams! And I've met/traded with so many cool people since I joined. ;)

So first up is...

Dark Beauty Boutique specializes in home-made beauty products such as lip balm, fragrance oils, solid perfumes, and soap. I'm actually very picky about the products I use because I tend to hate really potent smelling items. It's funny, but I'm usually that person in the aisle sniffing everything for 30 minutes before I find the right scent for me. And since that tends to get me some funny looks... I usually end up sticking to the same select few products until they are discontinued. That being said, I highly recommend this shop to anyone! Picky or not I think you'll really enjoy these items as much as I have.

A few months back we traded for a few items and of course since I was a little skeptical about everything I tried to pick out very basic sounding scents. However, she carries all kinds of wacky scents I'm curious to try out now. I think it's especially intriguing that she has both an Astrology collection and a Lovers collection (which includes the likes of Cleopatra and Eurydice).

I went with the basic yet yummy sounding Dreamsicle:

I've never tried a solid perfume before so I really didn't know what to expect. It smells heavenly though! A nice mix of vanilla and creamy orange. And it's not overpowering either! Just a nice little accent for your skin that is both long lasting and creamy smooth on the skin. And she makes these using natural beeswax which she gets straight from the hive! How cool is that??

I also had to try out some of her lip gloss. I'm kind of addicted to the stuff after all... They are quite inexpensive too so I picked out a couple flavors.

Vanilla Smoothie:

Blackberry Brandy:

I gotta say HANDS DOWN blackberry brandy is the shit! OMG it smells so awesome!! And it has a light purple tint to it which I like also. The vanilla smoothie one is nice too. But it smells a lot better than it tastes. I can't place it honestly, but whatever that is I'm not too crazy about it. The blackberry brandy one though smells, looks and tastes fantastic! I'm totally going to have to stockpile those soon. I've tried a lot of lip gloss in my day, but there's something about this one that makes me crazy. I think it's because it last so long and actually helps soothe chapped lips unlike most nice smelling glosses. Anyways, if you have the chance you should totally check out Dark Beauty Boutique. It's full of all kinds of lovely smelling treasuries!

I'd also like to talk to you today about...

Haunted Hair Candy is filled with super cute clay creations. You can tell she's also obsessed with Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Rockabilly fashion like me! Her specialty is hair bows, barrettes and clips. However, she's also carrying earrings, necklaces and other fun stuff now too. And it's all so crazy affordable! I don't think there's a single thing over $20 in there.

I honestly really like all of her items. Thanks to our recent trade though, I am now the proud owner of two tiny little pretties. ;)

Nautical Hair Clips:

Strawberry Skulls:

Aren't they cute?? I really like the earrings. They are so very detailed and super funky! I mean strawberry skulls? Where does she come up with this stuff! ;) The clips are really awesome too. I bought them because I'd like to start growing out my bangs soon and I don't really have any cute clips. I've yet to undertake this venture yet, but when the time comes I know they'll come in handy. They are just so me!

And if you like these, then you gotta check out the rest of her stuff. She's got little Frankenstein's, zombies, sugar skulls and so much more. Plus her new line of products is really cute too!

These two are definitely next up on my never ending wish list....

Coffin Hair Bow:

Rib Cage Necklace:


  1. thanks so much for the shout out! you rock! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoo

  2. You are most welcome Crystal!! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it brings you lots of extra sales and love. ;)

    PS Your new stuff is KILLER!!!

  3. Off to check out both shops :)