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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

13 Crows Studio Etsy Shop Review

Hey everybody! Today I'd like to talk to you about the amazing Sara Ellis! She recently changed her shop name from "Ghastly A Go-Go" to 13 Crows Studio so it seemed fitting to review her shop next. The new name has a nice ring to it right??

I met Sara awhile back thanks to both the Wear If You Dare & Dark Traders Etsy teams. She's actually the team captain of the Dark Traders team too! Anyways, I'm very glad we met. I'd been ogling her shop for sometime before this so I was really happy when she approached me about joining the team/trading with her. I'd never done a trade before! So I guess you could say she "popped" my traders cherry! (teehee) And now I'm freakin' addicted! Trading is just LOADS of fun you guys. Seriously. :)

Anyways so this was what we traded for...

I mean just look at that face! How could I say no! I just loved how frumpy she was. Too cute! Here's a picture of the two of us being frumpy together. Oh what fun we have! ;)

And that's not all I've gotten from her either! A long time after our trade for the super cute flower hair clip (which I often use as a brooch/purse clip) I actually saved up some money so I could get a few more things. It took me awhile, but I'm SO happy that they were still available when the time came. Sara actually makes quite a lot of things! She's got everything from jewelry to art in her little rockabilly shop, but my favorite stuff of hers is doll themed. But that's not surprising is it?

Check out this AMAZING wall hanging I got from her:

And what's crazy is the photo really doesn't do it justice!! It's covered with real nails, tiny birds, pretty blue flowers and the doll itself is very nicely painted too! I just love knowing that it's all mine. Totally worth every penny! And now it happily rests within my office domain and continues to provide me with daily inspiration and joy. ;)

I also got this really gorgeous doll necklace from her too:

Oh I just have so much fun wearing it! Once again the arms are very well painted and even have a unique texture to them. It can get a little tangled at times... but it's a lot of fun to wear around. Plus, who else can say they've got tiny hands on their boobies all day! That what I thought. :)

Here's me with all my awesome 13 Crows Studio items:

Anyways, her shop is really awesome if you can't tell. I can't wait to see what else she creates. And maybe someday if I'm really lucky I can snag this awesome hair piece too. I don't know when I'd wear it (if ever) but I just adore it! And that's another thing I really like about this shop. She doesn't make your normal jewelry or headgear. No, it's much more than that. Each piece she creates is like a little piece of art to me. Makes you wanna treasure if forever, huh.

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