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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Goth Dollie/Dollie Licious & Retro Curio

Hey everybody! Hope you've all been having a fantastic weekend. I know I have! I've got some fantastic shops for you to check out today. Hope you love 'em as much as I do!

First up is...

Are you looking to cosplay? Or maybe you like to randomly play dress up like me on a consistent basis? Well, Goth Dollie is just the shop you've been looking for. Run by the ultra sweet Liz, Goth Dollie features one of a kind handmade crocheted items from tiny doll clothes to gothic lolita style chokers and cuff bracelets. I just love it! Everything is so intricate and well made. Seriously, I just don't know how she gets these stitches straight!

We met (again thank you wear if you dare!) awhile back and happily traded for a team event. I was able to snag this FANTASTIC gothic style choker. Isn't it lovely??

I'm seriously in love with it. It's so elegant and even a little whimsical too. ;)
Liz also runs another shop on etsy called Dollie Licious. It is also filled with more of her lovely crocheted items, but these have more of a fantasy fairy type feel to them. Unlike Goth Dollie, Dollie Licious uses lots of color, hearts and in general more magic to make her items pop with happiness. :)

They can still be a little funky and even gothic at times though. That's why I also had to snag this darling little rainbow skull pendant from her during our trade. Isn't it precious??

I highly suggest you check out this shop! Liz has me "wowing" with every new post. I wish I could study as her young grasshopper so I could learn those bad ass stitches of hers!

Next up is..

Retro Curio is a very fun little vintage shop! I met Sarah (thanks WIYD!) a few months back and had the pleasure of trading with her as part of one of our team events. I love how her shop has so many strange little dolls in it! She has a bunch of other cute stuff too thought including this funky monk piggy bank..

...and this awesome Barbie thermos!

When I saw these Pee Wee Dolls though.. I knew it was fate! I was THRILLED when she said she would trade with me for them. Seriously you have no idea! I am SO freakin' in love with them!

Only one of them still talks. The other one probably has the ability still, but his cord needs to be re-attached first. No biggie! I just like starring at their pretty little faces honestly. (haha) Sarah has so many more cool dolls in her shop that I hope to own some day. Hope you have fun checking it out. ;)


  1. Off to check out both shops now... LOVE the Pair of Pee Wees too, though seeing them side by side makes me want to sew them together to make conjoined Pee Wee twins!

  2. Im going to have to check these out
    did you really need 2 Pee wee dolls haha :) this is why I love you