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Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's that time of year again!

I have just been FULL of smiles lately! My favorite time of year has finally begun and that means Halloween gets closer every day. This of course also means I've been powering out horror movies starting with the Nightmare on Elm St. series which I must say I'm quite sad to admit I hadn't seen most of until just recently.

I've been LOVING IT! There are so many over the top hilarious moments in this series. Who knew Freddy could skateboard? Or even fly on a broom? It's like just when you think they've hit the top they surprise you with another priceless cheesy moment and I can't get enough. I've just got one more left and then it's on to Halloween (well after I finish Hellraiser... I'm already on 4!). (haha)

The only bad thing about this time of year is that I get ultra super excited and spend WAAAAAY too much money. I just can't help myself! I've always loved Halloween because of the decorations and the costumes and all the weird little trinkets. I will admit that my attire and house sort of SCREAM Halloween all year round... but that's only because I love all the decorations so much! And then when Halloween comes around it's like my normal times 10. Seriously, I've had roommates HATE me because I'd go BUCK WILD and decorate for Halloween (it's the only holiday I decorate for anyways..) and then insist on leaving it up forever. I mean what's the point in taking it down? It looks so cool anyways! I say Halloween all the time 24/7! I swear it was only 10% laziness and the rest of me was just digging those spider webs and blinking skulls. ;) Sigh* If only more people understood me...

Actually just the other day I splurged and bought a bunch of cool Halloween trinkets to make jewelry with. I also of course HAD to get some cute socks and stuff too though. I mean Halloween Monster High socks?? Yeah. You know I need those!

In other news... I've been working on a bunch of fun new goodies for the shop (mostly Halloween related... but can you really blame me?). I've also already begun registering for tons of art shows and markets starting at the end of this month. I'm so ready to start that back up again. It's going to be a blast! And you know I'll keep you all updated every step of the way. :)

I've also been having a blast with my super cute new kitty friends! I will say they are growing fast and already becoming crazy jumpin' jelly beans! But I can't seem to resist their cuteness. Even when they are being bad and chewing on wires they KNOW they aren't supposed to be playing with. Let's look at some cute kitty pictures shall we?? You know you want to! muahahaha

Luna enjoying her new kitty condo..

Flynn and Luna being bad and playing in the trash can..

 Zora looking to the sky and plotting something very mischievous for sure..

And of course my favorite kitty naps!

Guh! Aren't they just adorable?? They kind of take up all my time now but I don't care. It's totally worth it. ;)
Anyways, I'm off to get crafty and productive before seeing Reanimator in fucking theaters!!! I'm so freakin' excited!!

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  1. Nightmare on Elm street is so fing cheesy I love it its not my favorite horror series but its great.
    Its weird when you watch a movie with Robert Englund and he isn't freddy.

    Halloween is also my favorite holiday and the only one I go crazy for I can honestly go without the others.

    I love your kittens Zora reminds me of Sophie :)