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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Gabrielle's Creations & Dark Angel Accessories

Hey everybody! I hope you all have been having a splendid weekend so far. Today I want to share with you some very cute little jewelry shops on etsy. Both of these lovely ladies and I are on a few teams together and have had the pleasure of trading a few times now. I hope you adore their items as much as I do!

First up is...

Gabrielle's Creations (or G Creations) is a BEYOND cute shop! Everything is very kawaii and fun and ranges from jewelry to dog tags. Gabrielle works with clay mostly, but also makes things with resin and is based out of Greece. I seriously can't stress enough.. everything in this shop is adorable! She has a knack for food (obviously) as you'll see there are lots of tasty treats in her shop from brownies to spaghetti. It's so delicious looking I just want to eat it up! ;)

I was lucky to score some cupcake rings from her shop a few months back. Each one opens and is filled with scented shimmery lip gloss!! OMG!! You can't beat that right??

Check these babies out!

I got one in strawberry and one in vanilla. They have little sprinkles and cherries and flowers and omg are they cute! They are a little big... but I like that! I just gotta be careful not to be TOO rough with them. I could probably stab someone's eye out with these! (haha)

Here's some closer up photos:

Bottom line Gabrilelle's Creations are amazing and you need to check them out. Ya dig?

Next up we have..

Dark Angel Accessories collects a little bit of everything in her shop. Jamie's specialty is working with images behind glass in nice dainty cameo settings. She can customize these in just about any form you'd like from rings to zipper pulls to necklaces. Many of her items are spooky or nerdy in theme. See why I like her shop?

I scored this awesome ring from her awhile ago featuring the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Too cool for school, am I right?? ;)

For an adjustable ring it fits quite well. I tend to have issues with these as my fingers are kind of slender, but this one fits perfectly and doesn't pinch my skin. It's also stood up to water pretty damn well which is amazing because I ALWAYS forget that not everything in life is water proof. (haha) Damn I've ruined so many things that way... Anyways, Dark Angel Accessories is a really cute and funky shop. Check it and send her some love. You won't be disappointed! ;)

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