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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Help nominate me as the winner of this years RAWards!

Hey everybody!! GOOD NEWS!! Remember that art show I did in April called RAW?? Well the organization has lent me an opportunity to become the "Accessories Designer of the Year"!!

Winning this prize could be a HUGE deal for me and the future of jewelry. Voting starts today October 1st and will last until October 8th. You can vote for me once a day in this time frame. Once the voting period is over everything is tallied up and then we'll all find out if I made it to the semi-finals. From there on out it's up to the judges, but this is the only time where you can all pitch in and help me out. Should I win the award I will receive a career building prize package consisting of everything from gallery placement to crazy amounts of exposure and so much more!

You can vote for me here:

And here's all the info you need to find out how voting & the contest itself works!

They even made a cool video explaining the process on youtube!

Thanks a bunch to everyone in advance!!

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