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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whitefoxx Etsy Shop Review

Have you ever wondered what taxidermy with stuffed animals would look like? Well, Angela of Whitefoxx sure did! And as a result she has created a colorful array of quirky little creations with funny names and descriptions to boot! ;)

I met Angela awhile back on etsy in one of the teams I'm in and ever since have been addicted to her items. It seems like she has so much fun with each piece, but I'll never know where she draws her inspiration from! I mean who thinks of things like "Bark Bark Obama"; a poodle with the face of Barack Obama? It just has me hooting with laughter! ;)

So far I've been able to score some really cool items from her shop and I've actually got a few more coming in the mail right now! I'm excited.

The first little oddity I got from Angela was this hungry caterpillar. Isn't she cute??

She likes to crawl around my sewing machine now and snuggle up with my pins and needles. I love her weird glitter eyes that appear as if they've been plucked out too. :)

I also got this really cute baby centaur!

 I love her funny little shocked expression as if she just made a toot and got caught in the act. At least that's what I like to imagine anyways... haha

So you see with funky creations as cute as these it was inevitable that I'd come back for more, right?? I'm SO uber excited for my new little funnies to arrive in the mail! They might even come tomorrow! No ones knows but the post man though... Silly post man always making me wait for my pretties. :(

Either way... very soon I shall have this silly little "Bless Baby Bear" to play with! I can't wait to make him march around my living room.

And let's not forget Cristina the gangster penguin! hahah

Bottom line: you need to check out Whitefoxx! Her stuff is hilarious and fun and very unique. Plus, she makes a whole lot more than just funky little stuffed animals. She's got hanging ornaments, statues, keychain and so much more! It's fun for the whole family, but only if they have a sense of humor. :)

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