Allison Franks (Hobbit.Town Jewelry)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Chaos subsides as the WEAR IF YOU DARE team trading event comes to a close this evening at midnight. I had a BLAST though!! Got some really cool things out of this and can't wait to show you guys! This team is super duper awesome and I had a blast meeting even more of them on the threads this weekend. ;)

Now all I need is a good night's sleep and some relaxation time! I can't believe I managed all this while working 4 doubles in a row too. Almost 40 hours in 4 days! Yeesh. I don't even want to think about the crazy amount of jewelry to ship out tomorrow (haha). Woo hoo!!


  1. I was looking at all the blogs I follow and the picture caught my eye!
    Even at 24 I still love Pokemon!
    I actually like it more than I did as a kid..

  2. hey i'm 26 and i still love pokemon too! i remember playing it back in the day on my gameboy. always wanted the blue version but my parents wouldn't let me get it. i'll have to track it down some day but it's probably expensive now :(

    did you play as a kid? i tried watching the show back then too but it lost my interest pretty quickly haha

  3. I never really played as a kid I didnt play the gameboy games until I met my husband and he had them and I borrowed them.

    You should try ebay its probably not that expensive because most people dont like old gameboy games anymore :(

    As a kid I just watched the show and played with my light up pikachu.
    Now I have 2 shirts and 2 pikachu plushs and some pikachu jewelry.

  4. man i remember them being so addictive. i watched the show for a bit, but then stopped waking up early enough to watch it. i've never been a happy camper in the morning. i got a dig up a photo of this amazing pikachu scarf i found at a flea market to show you. it's epic!