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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Very Sailor Moon Christmas

So, remember how at the beginning of the year I mentioned that I splurged and bought myself some awesome Sailor Moon goodies for xmas?? Well I'm finally going to show them too you!! Yahoo!! Technically they didn't arrive in time for Christmas because shipping from Japan takes forever... but who cares. When they arrived I still flipped out and acted like a little girl on xmas (hahah)

So this year I went ALL OUT and bought 2 totally bitchin' Sailor Moon goodies for myself. ;)

Number 1: Sailor Moon Super S Kaleidoscope Wand

This is something I have wanted for SO long! Super S has always been one of my favorite seasons because Rini's first love is so cute!! And the back story behind Queen Nehelenia is killer too. ;) So I finally broke down and got the original, licensed BANDAI version of the Kaleidoscope Wand. The wings can be moved up and down and it plays two different melodies. When you press either button lights flash on and off down the wand and the buttons can be held down to play the songs repeatedly forever and ever! (or at least until your fingers get tired..) Honestly, it's freakin' fantastic! It ended up costing quite a bit of money...but I can't stop playing with it! Totally worth the splurge. Besides you only live once right?

And now I have three wands to play with! Only two more to go! Anyways...moving on

Number 2: Sailor Moon Keytar!

O.k. I didn't even know this item existed before! So, when I found it I was beyond ecstatic. I also don't know it's technical title since I can't seem to find it anywhere online and the box is in Japanese, but it is an official and licensed product by BANDAI. This thing is beyond cool! Once again it's a very rare and hard to find item, so you gotta be willing to pay for it. But I assure you it's worth it. This keytar is hot pink and comes with an adjustable pink strap. It works as a fully functional keyboard and has 8 pre-programmed Sailor Moon beats for you to jam to! Also it has a volume switch and a jack hook-up so you can plug in your headphones OR hook it up to some speakers! EEK!! I'm totally going to start a band now. Who's with me??

Seriously...look how cool this is!

 Oh yeah! Did I mention that it says "LET'S SAILOR BAND" on it!?!

That little Asian girl is my twin! ke ke ke

Seriously guys...I'm starting a band now! Who's with me?

And just for's a few of my other amazing and very much loved Sailor Moon collectibles. Including the Sailor Moon sleeping bag, Sailor Moon lunchbox and thermos, Sailor Moon Keytar!!, Sailor Moon carrying case, Sailor Moon cosmetic case, Tiny Sailor Chibi Moon coin bank, RARE Chibi Sailor Moon alarm clock, Sailor Moon Luna Sphere, Sailor Moon Season 1 locket (American version), Sailor Moon Crescent Moon Wand (American Version), Sailor Moon Kaleidoscope Wand (Japanese Version), Tiny Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Wand Candy Toy, and Bootleg Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod (that plays this amazingly weird FISH STICK song! It's crazy addictive.)


  1. Where did you get the Panda shirt?!? its great

  2. thanks vanessa!! i believe that was a lucky thift store find. i'm panda crazy! i actually have this even cooler one with punk rock pandas jamming out ;)

  3. I have a keytar to! Was a hundred dollars once upon a time (like more than a decade ago) That is NEVER leaving my collection. Like, even if I'm destitute on the street, that thing is gonna be with me, original box and all.