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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Babies Allowed!

Well. Today was the big day for our little boy Flynn. I gotta say prior to the actual "event" I was really terrified, worried and super sad about it. Can you blame me? I've never been a pet owner before and these little ones are my world now. I don't know what life was like before them and I never want them to go. They make me smile nonstop! So yeah I was not looking forward to them being fixed. And damn have they grown fast! But in the end everything turned out just fine. And now we don't have to worry about any unwanted babies!

I still have to take care of the girls. All of them are just shy of 5 months now and apparently kitties can go into heat between 4 and 6 months. Nobody has gone into heat YET, but once I found out Flynn was fully developed and certainly curious about butts and this whole "pink thing" I didn't want to take any chances you know? So at least we've gotten that issue resolved. I swear I babied him for a whole week after setting up the appointment! I couldn't help it. Every time I saw his cute little unsuspecting face I got sad. I really thought this was going to be a HUGE ordeal for him and maybe even scar him for life? I dunno... like I said I've never had my own pet before so this is a new experience for me. Sure my mom had some pets when I was growing up, but we always adopted older pets never kittens or puppies. And in college I lived with some people with pets, but it's not the same you know? Anyways, little Flynn survived and didn't even cause a stink about it! It's like it never happened. What a champ! ;)

Flynn this morning before the "appointment". It was so cute I woke up to him cuddling in my hair and when I got up he followed me all the way to the bathroom and while I was getting ready. It's almost like he knew something was up. After all... I like never get up at 7 am. (haha)

And then of course seeing his cute little happy self following me about made me sad again...

We said goodbye to Marcus and the girls and off we went to the vet. It was so cute too because Luna and Zora were like "Where are we going? Oh wait. Where are you taking him?!?!" They were extra confused about the whole affair and gazed out at us as we drove away. :(

And then when I thought things couldn't get any worse I arrived at the vet's office only to fill out a ton of forms asking me the worst questions! Like... if something goes wrong and your cat might die do you want us to save him? And if so, how much money are you willing to spend? I really didn't know how to answer that. I mean of course I want him to be saved! But I also am not made of money. sigh* Anyways, after that ordeal I asked the doctor about 50 questions before I let her take him from me and then left slowly all unsure and worried. I was so torn up about it! But like I said everything was fine and I really really like his veterinarian. She was so sweet with me the whole time even though I'm sure I was nagging her with questions and she called me 3 times throughout the day to update me on his condition. Really like every step of the way. Which was beyond sweet! I'm so happy I found this clinic. ;)

So after hours and hours... I finally got the call to pick him up! He was pretty drowsy on the way home, but as soon as we got home he crawled out of his little carrier and gave me nonstop love for HOURS! It was so cute!

Moments after getting home..

And then after a little nap and some food Flynn was right back to his normal cute little self. He didn't seem to notice that anything was different! And that made me feel very relieved. I'm so happy he is ok!


  1. I like looking at these pictures the last picture makes me go awwww! Im glad everything went ok :)

  2. Me too!! He is such a sweet little ball of fuzz! He's actually trying to sit on my keyboard as I type. :)