Allison Franks (Hobbit.Town Jewelry)

Monday, November 18, 2013

The jewelry blowout sale has begun!

Hey everybody!!

I am having a HUGE sale right now in my shop in hopes of raising some $$ for new art supplies to help grow and expand my business. I hope you will help support my artistic endeavor. I'm hoping to incorporate handmade clutch bags, art boxes, frilly aprons and so much more with all the raised funds over the next few months. Everything in the shop will still be handmade by me and remain in the same creepy cute style I love so much. I just aspire to do more than jewelry and hair accessories and hope to make this dream a reality! Will you help me?

Almost ALL of the items in my shop have been reduced up to 50% off! Prices are as marked. You do not need a coupon code to take advantage of the sale. I will be running this right up until Christmas on all the shop items I am discontinuing and such in hopes of making room for all the new stuff! Can't wait to make all these ideas a reality and really hope to raise the money needed by xmas. What a great gift that would be! ;)

Please send your love and support my way if you can.


  1. Oh yay! im off to check it out! and Good luck! I cant wait to see the new stuff you come up with.. I have vintage material im going to be putting up for sale soon and of course you would get a Awesome person discount if your interested :)

  2. Thanks girl!! Like fabric material? Cool!! Can't wait to see. ;)