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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Horrorfemme Art & Accessories Etsy Shop Review

How's everyone doing today? I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow already! That really snuck up on me. Anywho with all the upcoming black friday/cyber monday madness still ahead of us I thought I'd take a moment to share one of my favorite teammate's etsy shop with you: horrorfemme.

I first came across Christy's shop on etsy a long, long time ago. I oggled her items from a far, but never broke down and bought one even though I really really wanted to. Who knows why! But it was fate that we should later meet up in one of my favorite etsy teams! I was ecstatic to get to know her online and now view Christy as one of my good friends. Yay internet! ;)

Horrorfemme features everything from jewelry to hand painted dolls.  I love that her shop primarily consists of zombie and Star Wars themed items. How cool is that?!? Almost everything in her shop is hand drawn or hand painted, even the jewelry! And she's got some cute little fabric and clay creations for sale too. I know you guys can find some good stocking stuffings here! Who doesn't want Zombie Barbie ornaments!? I mean really!

I've had the pleasure of trading with Christy twice now and can't wait to get my hands on more of her unique items. But I will say that I am BEYOND pleased with the two items I've gotten so far. They were the original two items that drew me to her shop in the first place and I consider myself very lucky to have them now. And what's even better is they stare at me while I'm in the office and provide a constant source of inspiration and happiness for me. It's awesome!

My little mummy:

My pretty little zombie girl:

Aren't they great?? I just love them! I mean after all they feature two of my favorite things in life: ghouls and dolls! ;)

Some other items in her shop that have me drooling right now are:

This cute vampirella pendant:

These amazing Star Wars ornaments!

And this darling white rabbit decoration:

I highly suggest you check out horrorfemme this holiday season! You are sure to find a little something for everyone on your list. ;)

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  1. You rock Allison!! Thanks a bunch for the awesome review & 'Yay Internet' for bringing friends together!