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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Zombies Go Rawr & Sugar Plum Robots

Everyone having a good weekend?? I know I am! And today I'd like to tell you about two very cool etsy shops: Zombies Go Rawr & Sugar Plum Robots!

First up is...

Zombies Go Rawr is a very cute little shop filled with some crazy cute clay creations. It's run by my friend Elizabeth and jam packed with every tiny charm you ever wanted! She has everything from zombie cupcakes to anime characters to tiny poops. Almost all of them are given cutesy anthropomorphic faces and expressions too. They always make me smile. ;)

Elizabeth's shop is based out of San Antonio,TX very close to where I live and we will actually be sharing a booth at an upcoming comic convention this fall! How cool is that?? I'm very happy to have met Elizabeth thanks again to the Wear If You Dare etsy team. She's a very fun nerdy person like me and a soon to be official craft buddy! I've been wanting one of those for ages! ;)

Awhile back Elizabeth and I traded as part of one of our team event's and I happened to snag some of her ultra cute little charms. It's how we met too!

Of course I HAD to get some zombie cupcakes..

And then of course I also got a little zombie toast! Just for funsies. :)

The zombie toast I got from her I had her make into a cute little ring for me. And as for the zombie cupcakes.. well I used those cuties to make some very fun kawaii earrings for myself. Aren't they darling??

We are totally going to knock everybody dead at the Alamo City Comic Con this year! ;)

Next we have...

I just LOVE Sugar Plum Robots! Here we have a shop that specializes in using custom images to create anything you want from buttons to pocket mirrors! They have a large variety of things for you to choose from as it is, but the possibilities are really endless. And all image quality on everything is top notch! I've had the pleasure of trading with them on several occasions (thanks wear if you dare!) and I'm so in love with everything I've gotten so far. Someday I hope to get a button maker of my own so I can try out this sort of thing too. But those things are WAAAAY out of my price range. If only I could win the lottery...

When I saw these earrings I knew they had to be mine.. I mean DUH!

And then of course I couldn't resist this super cool Night of the Living Dead fridge magnet! I look at it everytime I grab a beer and smile. ;)

 I also grabbed a few buttons from her too including this super cute little sushi friend! Isn't he cute??

It's a rather large button (2.25") but I like it! It's so kawaii and adorbs. My all time favorite though is this beyond amazing doll button... when I saw it I was speechless!

I can't wait to grab some more goodies from her shop in the future! I really like all her cute designs and photos. You should totally check out her shop if you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I LOVE all of your goodies! Off to check out both shops right now!