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Monday, August 19, 2013

Extreme Clean Up Time!

Well today was the last day of medication for the kitties. Yay!! I now have 3 healthy & worm free little boogers to keep me company. They are all eating solid foods on their own, they are all happily litter box trained, and rambunctious as ever! I'm so proud of them! But now that they are healthy they are getting really REALLY curious about everything! Honestly, they always were.... but now they are strong enough to hop and climb which makes today a complete kitty proofing day! That's right I have the day off work finally and I'm going to be at it all day trying to hide away all the "unsafe for kitties" things aka all the stuff I like... I'm particularly worried about my figures, craft space and jewelry displays.

Here's a few photos for you guys so you know what lies ahead of me. I've taken care of the "floor situation" already.. but once they are jumping it's a free for all! They are already swatting and pouncing on my video games and wires (which is a huge no no!) so I fear what will become of all my other pretties if I don't take some precautions.

Problem #1: Necklaces

As you can see... in my room I have some awesome hooks and stuff for my growing personal necklace pile. I have a lot don't I... whoops! Either way I foresee this being a great spot for the kitties to swat their little hearts out at all the shiny dangly things. Oi! I don't know what to do except more them higher off the ground... but will that even be possible?? I just don't know...

Problem #2: Earrings

I really love my earring set up... but with them on my night stand and just above I can already see the kitties climbing over from the bed to wreak havoc on all these fun things. Sigh* Nothing is safe anymore!

Problem #3: The office...

This is where I get REALLY scared. I know right now... my office is in a particularly worse state than normal, but there are so many things hanging from the ceiling, on my desk and around that seem like lovely kitty play things. Especially all my figures! I really wish I had a door to block off this section of the house. That would be particularly nice for let's say that time when you are peacefully gluing something together and then all of a sudden you have a curious kitty covered in glue. Do you think I'm being too paranoid for thinking this way?? I just don't trust these boogers yet. They don't seem to be listening all that well and are way more concerned with why they can't play EVERYWHERE. sigh*

At least for now they seem to be pre-occupied..

Wish me luck! And feel free to drop some recommendations in the comment section below. I will admit I am not a very good organizer and am kinda clueless as to where to begin with this project (haha).

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