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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Ultimate Xmas WANT list!!

I can't believe how quick this year has flown by! It seems like I can't keep up with time any more! It's been a great year though. So many amazing things have happened for me and my business. Plus, I've had a lot of fun adventures, met some great new friends and had 3 little baby kitties change my life forever! Needless to say I've got a lot to be thankful for right now and I'm looking forward to another awesome year!

But with Christmas just around the corner... you better believe I've been searching the internet for cool things to buy. I always seem to have a "list" going... but here are a few things I really just gotta have right now. In fact, I'm surprised I don't have them already! Sigh* If only I were made of money...

1. Killer Popcorn Klown Statue By: Chuck Jarman

Oh my god I have wanted this darn thing for SO DAMN LONG!! Isn't it amazing?? This bitchin handmade popcorn clown is several feet tall and he is poseable too! GUH! I just really really need this in my life. Thankfully Chuck has assured me that he can make one for me anytime I like...but that still doesn't satisfy me! Someone please give me $150 right now!!

2. Sailor Moon & Chibi Chibi Moon Mermaid Beach Bag

This is currently the very LAST must need Sailor Moon item on my list! Crazy right? I have only seen it for sale once and missed out on the bidding like an idiot because I was at work and have NEVER been able to forgive myself! Especially since it sold for like WAY cheap. I will never give up my search though!  Someday this WILL be mine!

3. Dreamland Creations Cave Girl Squeaky Doll

UGH! Good luck finding this one! She has proven to be an extra crazy difficult toy for me to acquire. I already have her fella, but I can't seem to find this little cave girl to save my life. I swear if you find one and DON'T buy it for me I will FIND you and HUNT you down! It's so obvious I need her. Not just cause I have her cave man boyfriend but look at how cute she is! She's even holding a little baby dinosaur in her arms!

4. Sun Rubber Co. Cow Girl Squeaky Doll

Ok so this is another one of those toys I just can't seem to find! I really want her though. I have a few funky little cowboys for her to tease. She'll make' em drool, but she's one heck of a sharp shooter so they better watch out! (hehe)

5. Ideal Mini Monster Dolls

Ok so the only way I'll ever be able to afford these beauties is if I win the lottery... but a girl can dream right? I want the whole set, but Vampy (the vampire girl) is my favorite! Every time I've seen them online they are priced at something ridiculous like $500 each! So yeah... WAY out of any sane person's budget. Sigh* Maybe someday I'll win big!

6. Akira Dress By: Mandala

Ok so this dress is AMAZING! It has me drooling like crazy. Plus, this designer takes custom order requests which is like beyond cool. My friend Lesley of Pink Pandemonium actually just got a bunch of custom dresses from her and I'm so super jelly! She has several dresses by Mandala now, but it's like crazy obvious that I also need a Tales from the Crypt & a Bride of Reanimator dress!

I would also like a Toxic Avenger dress, a Sailor Mon dress, a Brock Sampson dress and a Zelda dress. And that's just off the top of my head! OI! The possibilities are endless and it's quite apparent that I need to save up for some new bitchin' dresses! ;)

7. Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow Wedges

Ok so who doesn't want groovy Rainbow Brite shoes!? If that person is you I'm sorry, but these are way too cool!! I probably couldn't walk in them so good... but oh how proudly I would wear them! If only I could find them in my size... sigh*

8. Sailor Moon Christmas Tree!

Ok... I know I said I only wanted one more Sailor Moon thing... but c'mon! Did you really believe that? This darling licensed xmas tree is like a jillion bucks, but for years and years I've told myself that I would create my own Sailor Moon xmas tree and I still haven't! UGH. Stupid me. I really want one though! I really don't like Christmas too much because it makes me sad and I don't really like the decorations or the religious shit, but nothing would get me more in the Christmas spirit than a Sailor Moon tree!! And you know that's a fact! ;)

9. Kreepsville 666 Elvira Dress

Um duh!! It's quite obvious I need this. I don't even need to give you an explanation. So there!

10. Pennywise Clown by Unraveled Crafter

Isn't this little bugger CUTE!?! I want him so badly! My friend Amber made him, but he of course is pricy. Just look at that detail! I envy her skills! And really want to play with this fellow. Some day, some day.

And that's it! Well... you know I mean there's like jillion more things I want...but I was trying to be ultra specific with this list and only put the top 10 things I want more than anything right now, which I admit was really hard to decide on! But I think my little list here pretty much sums things up. I mean... of course I want the Sailor Moon kitchen set...(what more motivation could a girl need to get in the kitchen?) heheh But yeah.. Hope you all have a great Christmas!!


  1. This is seriously an awesome list. The killer klown ...I want it!

  2. Thanks Amber!!! I want that killer klown more than you could ever know!! You should get one too!!