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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stillgoth Etsy Shop Review

Do you like zombies and strange morbid things?? Then you are going to love my friend's etsy shop: Stillgoth! Stillgoth is a gothique boutique featuring everything from bizarre jewelry to spooky clothing. I've had the pleasure of trading with J on several occasions now and each time have been astonished with her work. J puts a lot of love and time into each piece she makes and it really shows. And her prices are insanely reasonable! J is also a member of the Needful Things Trading Team AND the captain of Wear if you Dare (one of my all time favorite etsy teams)!!

So far of the 5 things we've traded for only one of them is NOT a zombie! (haha) I think that's a combination of my love of zombies and her awesome ability to fuck up things is a pretty way. ;)

My all time favorite piece I've gotten from her is this zombie Barbie hair bow:

Isn't it amazing??? She made this just for me and it's so amazingly perfect there's not even words for it! And after seeing how awesome this was I just had to get this matching necklace from her. ;)

It's really an amazing set! I almost always end up wearing them together, but every once in awhile I substitute my zombie Barbie necklace for this super rad zombie pony necklace!! (It also goes PERFECTLY with my zombie pinkie pie earrings - Thanks Lesley!)

Yet another awesome zombie creation is this funky hair bow. The colors actually sync up very nicely with my zombie Barbie one too. I've actually worn them together a few times on those days I'm feeling extra "zazzy". (hehe)

Last but not least I scored this funky skull bow from her. I love that he has a mustache. Seems so out of place for a skull, but in a charming way. Plus there's blood on it. And you can never have enough blood on things in my book!

Overall Stillgoth is an awesome shop! Her dolls, postcards and clothing are really awesome too. If you have the chance please check out her shop and spread the love. ;)

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