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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Wicked Karma Jewelry & Pink Spiderwebs

It's that time of the week again! Are you ready to hear about some more awesome etsy shops?? I certainly hope so. I've got two lovely jewelry makers to talk to you about today. I always think it's silly that with ALL the jewelry I make myself I still buy/trade for jewelry like a mad person. I just can't get enough of the shit! And even sometimes I hesitate because I think to myself "I could totally make that", but almost always give in eventually because sometimes I don't want to make things and it makes me happy to support fellow etsyians like myself. That makes sense right?

First up we have..

Wicked Karma Jewelry is run by the very sweet Courtney Harrelson. She specializes in custom photo necklaces and wire wrapped jewelry. We met of course because of awesome etsy teams and did a trade awhile back as part of one of our huge trading events. I scored some very beautiful chunky purple chain which I used to hang one of my larger pendants on. It's lovely!! I promise to take a photo soon... but here's one of the chain itself. ;)

And then... during another one of our team trade events we got selected to be each others secret valentines! I sent her some wicked dinosaur earrings (to match all her other dino goodies she'd recently purchased from me) and she made me this lovely bloody hand print necklace!

Isn't it rad?? I'm glad I was able to get one of her custom photo necklaces. She always chooses very unique images and they are very high quality handmade items. I also really like her wire wrapped items. These bracelets for instance are one of my all time favorites.

If you get the chance you should most definitely check out this shop. She's having a HUGE sale right now too and every penny will go towards her increasing medical bill pile and upcoming surgery fees. Not trying to guilt trip you there... but it is really sad and I hope she starts feeling better soon. :(

Next up we have...

Pink Spiderwebs specializes in creating super cute kawaii jewelry. Her style is quite similar to mine actually. It's quite obvious that we are both in love with kawaii & lolita styles, zombies, bats and cute frilly things. :)
Anyways, at some point I found this amazing Pucca bracelet in her shop and knew it had to be mine. I was so happy to hear she also wanted to trade with me because I like really really wanted it!

Here's my new amazing Pucca bracelet:

I am just SO in love with it! I seriously wear it all the time and LOVE that it's all fun and full of rainbows. Pucca is the shit btw! ;)

Her shop is filled with tons of super cute things like this too. Here's a few of my favorites..

Skull Cameo Ring:

Batty Brain Necklace:

If you like my stuff I know you are going to freak out when you see Pink Spiderwebs. And the best part is her stuff is very affordable too. Creepy cute for the win again! ;)


  1. This is awesome!! Thank you so much, made me cry! You are SO sweet!! Love you!!! *hugs*

    1. Awwwwww Courtney!! I'm so happy to hear that you loved it so much!! You are most welcome! Love you too. :)

  2. You are amazing!! Thank you so much for featuring my shop!! :) xoxo