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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs: Weeabootique & Fables By Barrie

Welcome to the first installment of Saturday Shout Outs!! From now on, every weekend I'm going to talk about 1 or 2 etsy stores that I'm really digging, have bought from, and/or highly recommend you check out. There are just TOO many cool things on etsy so I feel compelled to show you! Seriously, I feel like etsy gets all my money. But at least I feel refreshed knowing that I'm supporting unique artisans and their crafts. If only I won the lottery....

Up first is Weeabootique!

Oh my gosh this shop is cute! Weeabootique specializes in pixel art style jewelry made of perler beads. You know...those little things you used to play with as a kid?? Well she's actually made them look super awesome! I know when I tried as a 5 year old my stuff always came out looking a little deformed... (haha). But her stuff is so super cute and original.

I actually bought this fantastic Sailor Moon Wand necklace from her a few months back. Isn't it gorgeous??

I'll admit.. it's quite flashy! This necklace is like 6 1/2" long so it doesn't get worn as much as I'd like just because of size. But it's super cute and looks great with halter tops and other boob flashing garments. ;)

This necklace is on the larger side compared to most of her other pieces, but I just HAD to have it!! And it's only $10!! I was simply blown away by the detail and super cuteness of this item and can't wait to purchase from her again. But it's going to be hard to decide! She's got Batman, Pokemon, My Little Pony and Eyeballs too! It's like a kawaii lolita fun house in there. Ahh! I want it all.

Next up is the much beloved and admired Fables By Barrie.

I first found out about this shop on etsy, but am happy to see that this shop is finally taking off! I recently found some pieces of there's for sale on some larger online clothing sites (such as the much beloved ModCloth) so that's awesome!! Congrats to Fables By Barrie. Their clothing is definitely something to rave about and I'm glad to see it's finally catching people's attention.

Fables By Barrie specializes in pin-up girl style clothing. They make some gorgeous bathing suits and rompers too! I have yet to buy a bathing suit.. but I've had my eye's on this one for awhile now! Ugh so dreamy.

Sailor Color Blocked Nautical Retro Onepiece Bombshell Americana Swimsuit (S-2X)

 Honestly I can't decide which I like more.. the one pieces or the two pieces! They are both very feminine and flattering and I love that ALL sizes are carried. That's right, it's customizable so plus sizes girls you can take part in the fun too! ;)

Their stuff is a bit pricy (about $60 and up!) so I've only been able to afford one piece so far. But I hope to by many more things in the future. The nautical dress I bought fits like a dream! It's very flattering, super good quality, stretchy and soft, and most importantly extremely comfortable! Here's my favorite picture of me wearing it... with Lloyd Kaufman!


  1. Love the bathing suit! wish I had the body for it
    Im a bit chubby right now I went from 90 to just under 200 do to illness but im on new meds so maybe :)

  2. Oh no! I hope it wasn't anything serious and that you are on your way to a swift recovery. And always remember beauty comes in all shapes and sizes Vanessa! So I say go for it! Be confident in yourself and your hotness and you're guaranteed to own it. Besides one pieces are flattering on everyone! ;)