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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long time no see!

Hey everybody! Sorry for not posting more often. I've been a very busy lady! Since the year began I have pretty much been non stop making things in preparation for my outrageously packed art show season this year! I gotta admit I am both excited and terrified at the same time. I have never scheduled this many shows before, especially not ones so close together, and fear I might not be able to keep up with everything. You see I will also be working my normal job, doing online sales and accepting custom orders too! So yeah. Kind of overwhelming! Things will definitely get interesting.

Outside of crafts.... other exciting things I've done this year include getting my own consignment spot at the awesome anime shop Nine Tails, watching Brazil in theaters, catching the premiere of the new Troma movie "Return to Nuke 'Em High", meeting Lloyd Kaufman again, buying a truly outrageous JEM costume which I can't wait to wear!, watching lots and lots of anime, hanging with my kitty babies, finally organizing my crafts and toys and so much more! Gotta say it's been a pretty freakin' good year so far. :)

Anyways... without further ado here is what my art show schedule looks like so far. I will definitely be adding a lot more dates for summer and fall soon as well. Yay!

March 14-16 - Anime Matsuri - Houston, TX
March 22-23 - Lost in Wonderland - San Antonio, TX
April 5-6 - Starving Artists Art Show - San Antonio, TX
April 11-13-  Lonestar Comic Con - Schertz, TX
April 26 - Alamo Toy Show - San Antonio, TX
May 17 - Granbury Ghosts Paranormal Expo - Granbury, TX
June 20-22 - Texas Comic Con - San Antonio, TX
September 26-28 - Alamo City Comic Con - San Antonio, TX

Pretty crazy, huh?

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