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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Etsy is the best!

A few weeks back I joined the "Needful Things Dark Trading Team" on etsy and I gotta say it's been A LOT of fun.  The whole group is centered around "trading goods" so if you are an etsy seller (or buyer) you should check us out and get involved. Since I joined I've been able to not only trade my jewelry for fantastic handmade products, but meet many other members of the team; all of which have been super friendly! It's a great social networking tool also, if you are looking to integrate into the etsy community. We play games, have chats and get involved in BNRS/TNRS too! Plus it's a great way to get some Xmas presents knocked out too! Check us out here: Needful Things Dark Trading Team

Here's a list of some of my fellow team mates/ favorite shops!

Sara Ellis of Ghastly Governess makes cute jewelry items and fantastic art pieces. If you love creepy dolls and gothic jewelry this is the place for you. Let's look at a few items now, shall we?

Pretty Doll Brooch/Hair Clip:

Framed Altered Doll Piece:

Next up is Mimi of GlitzCouture maker of all things cute! If you love Sailor Moon and 90s nostalgia your going to flip when you see her stuff. Here's a personal favorite of mine...

Sailor Moon Trinket Box:

Oh and we can't forget Jenn of Little Shop of Horrors! Her jewelry and accessories are not only crazy cool AND super unique but also VERY affordable! Here's a few of my favorites ;)

Muertos Barbie Earrings:

Beetle Lover Collage Bracelet:

Honestly I could go on and on. This team is filled with some super awesome etsyians and I can't get enough!

If you like what you've seen you should check these shops out too. Happy shopping! ;)
StillGoth: Gothique Boutique "Wear if you dare"!
Wicked Altercations: Small Menacing Collages and Other Works
Haunted Hair Candy
Giacomo Designs
Mole Street Studio: Affordable Art and Jewelry


  1. I LOVE IT ALLISON! Thank you so much, you have such wonderful things to day about us all. You're the best!

    -Mimi / Glitz Couture

    1. Of course! Your welcome Mimi. Hope things are better with you job wise/sales. Wish I could say the same. :(